Who was the first Jamaican musician to introduce a digital riddim into a song?

Published July 15, 2014 by soundquake

So much value in the history and the stories. Thanks for sharing midnightraver as always

Midnight Raver

King Jammy, Winston “Steely” Johnson and Cleveland “Clevie” Brown, and Bobby “Digital” Dixon are generally credited with ushering in the digital revolution of reggae music, they were far from the first to use a digital riddim for a song.  Who then was the very first jamaican musician to use a digital riddim in a song?  Bob Marley.

Yes, it is true.  Bob Marley, the charismatic soul-rebel with the kinky afro and million-dollar smile – the man who took the reggae beat from the hills and gullies of the land of look behind to every corner of the earth, carrying the heavy weight of its message on his shoulders for a decade, first used a digital riddim for several tunes on the Natty Dread LP.  The description of the actual instrument varies from person-to-person.  David Katz refers to it as a “primitive rhythm box” that was used solely as a “percussive…

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