Raver digs deep

Published June 30, 2014 by soundquake

Mega set of rare gems! #reggaemusic

Midnight Raver

Today we dig deep to bring you some really fine reggae gems…

A stellar reggae tune from a mediocre reggae album (Natural Wild).  The players on this one are sick, sick, sick…Prince, Ranchie, Mikey Boo, Ansel Collins, Joe Jackson.  Even our friend Chris Lane is credited!

Album features significant contributions from Joe Jackson (who dropped this stupefying bombtrack in 1982).  Natural Wild was originally issued with a limited bonus disc God Sent Dub.


Rod Taylor backed by Fully, Santa, Chinna…one of the great riddims from Soul Syndicate.


I told you I was digging deep!  Rare Sly & Robbie Black Uhuru dubs coming your way live and direct from the Raiders of the Lost Dub LP!

1363“Fire and Brimstone” (version to “Journey”) and “The Monkey Is A Spy” (version to “Sensimilia”)



DEB Music 7″ single “Rent Man” vocal and dub.


Michael Rose…

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