Announcing ArtColab and its First Project!

Published May 25, 2014 by soundquake

We’d be happy to support in anyway we can.

Groundation Grenada

:: by Andrea Smith ::


“Flamboyant in Bloom” Photography by Adrian Richard

ArtColab has been a brain child that I’ve always wanted to develop but never dreamt it would be on the beautiful island of Grenada. ArtColab is an umbrella under which all creative minds at any level can group together, network and collaborate on different artistic projects.The aim is to provide a supportive network that each member can refer to when in need of encouragement, guidance and knowledge.

Windows‘ is ArtColab’s first project; it is a collaboration that brings together art, poetry and song. This is an open call for participation for both writers and visual artists. The writers will submit 1-3 poems/songs and two (2) words that best describe the pieces. This information is then handed over to a visual artist who will proceed to draw/paint an image to accompany the written submission. When the art work is complete there…

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