I is a Fete-ah!

Published April 28, 2014 by soundquake

Fête season is coming…


It does not matter how old I am, the concept of Carnival still fascinates me.  This goes beyond the phenomenon of scantily clad women and their gyrating bodies.  I am sincerely fascinated by the people’s nonchalance, released inhibitions, and general desire to have a good time. From the revelers on the road, the bystanders shouting out familiar faces, to those sitting in front their televisions and computer screens – a union exists, a basic understanding that this is something that belongs to us in the Caribbean.

Nothing breaks down more barriers in the Caribbean than Carnival. I marvel at the walls which fall between social classes and races. From the Bahamas’ Junkanoo,  a stop off at Barbados’ Crop Over, and the originator that is Trinidad Carnival,  you will see the festive faces of the Bourgeoisie, White, Black, Indian, Chinese, the working class and all the combinations of these terminologies that…

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