What To Bring To A Wet Fete

Published April 11, 2014 by soundquake

Top 5 tips for your wet fete

The Moments of a Blackqueen

Gyptian – Wet Fete ft. Kes The Band | Official Music Video

A fete (pronounced like Fet) is a massive caribbean party with beautiful ladies, loud upbeat music, and plenty of drinks to go around. This elaborate celebration is hosted throughout the West Indies and has been spread throughout the world by those of Jamaican, Trinidadian, and Guyanese decent.

Reggae dj Gyptian teams up with Trini Kes The Band to bring you “Wet Fete” a feature track from Gyptian’s album “Love, Sex, and Reggae” released through VP Records.

Catch some sun and get drenched in the fun while enjoying the waves by the ocean front. This spring is all about colors, water, and showing of your fit fete body. Time to wuk up di place and touch di road. How do you get ready for a wete fete?

5 Things To Bring To A Wet Fete

1. A Bathing Suit: you have had…

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